Open Hamilton

Making Hamilton a Better City through Open Data

The city of Hamilton is committed to offering open and accessible data to all residents to help them make informed decisions.

Open Data Software

Open data is offered online to all residents of Hamilton, including information on different recreational facilities in Hamilton such as baseball, soccer, and basketball fields in Glanbrook, Hamilton Mountain, Upper Stoney Creek, Lower Stoney Creek, Lower Hamilton, etc. There are soccer and other recreational facilities in Dundas/West Hamilton, Wentworth, Ancaster, Upper Stoney Creek, and elsewhere. This data can be used to build handy software applications to be used by visitors and residents alike. Different applications exist to gain access to data on public libraries, public schools, private schools, recreational facilities, and other institutions and amenities. There are useful tools that use data collected by hundreds of thousands of private and public schools, based on surveys and other types of research. Other handful applications allow users to compare different institutions of higher education, including indicators such as net price, fees, college tuition, and so on. Other types of software allow users to locate public libraries in the area using data collected by thousands of libraries throughout the country. Data may include different kinds of information such as number and types of service outlets, expenditures, operating revenues, and staffing. There are applications that offer information on electronic resources, public service hours, size of collections, circulation, library visits, and so on. Data is usually collected on an annual basis. Such applications usually use data collected through web-based reporting systems, surveys, or by other means. Data comes handy if you are a resident, journalist, researcher, or policymaker at the local, state, or federal level. Open data software is also used by local practitioners, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, and local, state, and federal officials for policy making, assessment, program development, and planning.

Sports and Recreation

You will find plenty of useful applications to locate sports and other recreational facilities and find more about their size, designation, and other details. Some applications offer information on parks, green areas, family-friendly events, extramural sports, and other facilities and activities. They are great for recreation management, whether you want to attend a yoga class, simplify event and membership management, or manage reservations. You can use recreational software to make reservations, schedule classes and programs, and ultimately to increase your participation rate. Data offered by the government can be used to build such applications with a host of beneficial features such as email marketing for program, event, and activities promotion, donation and fundraising management, handy facility scheduling, web-based registration options, and so on. Some of these applications are used by non-for-profits and other organizations to promote events and activities, including soccer, baseball, and other games. They are used by organizations to improve operational efficiency, increase member participation and engagement, and build solid relationships with members, residents, and customers. Recreation and parks software helps streamline activities and operations and increase participation for high schools, recreation departments, and colleges and universities that offer sports, intramurals, and other classes and activities. There are options to complete transactions quickly and with ease, membership management options, and easy to use reservation and facility and event scheduling options. Added benefits include point of sale systems and mobile and online access for event and program registration. Campus registration software is also available and easy to use to help universities increase participation rates.

Soccer in Hamilton

Soccer is a popular sport in Hamilton, with a host of leagues and clubs and hundreds of thousands of soccer fans. If you want to find out which TV channel shows the game of your favorite soccer team, go to

Leagues and Clubs

Hamilton is the home to many clubs and leagues, among which a men’s league, U14 – U18 house leagues, U12 house league, and U7 – U10 house league. Examples of district leagues include Cayuga house league, Brantford Women, church, Brantford Men, MJ, Spectator Cup, and others. Other district leagues include Saltfleet Senior, Oldtimers, and the West Hamilton house league. There is also the Hamilton & District Soccer Association which has some 25,000 members. The association aims to provide the latest information on referees, coaches, clubs, and a lot more. Some 160,000 people in the area stay connected as spectators, fans, and supporters. Hamilton is also the home to senior and youth soccer clubs such as Hamilton Serbians, East Hamilton SC, Croatia Hamilton SC, and Bosnia SC, to name a few. Some clubs are youth soccer only while others are youth and senior soccer.

OPDL League Teams, Championships, and Competitions

The Ontario Player Development League is a youth league that adheres to high training and performance standards. In fact, this is not just a league but more of a training program for a host of different teams such as Hamilton United, NewMarket, Unionville-Milliken, Woodbridge, and many others. All OPDL clubs are responsible for promoting soccer and developing players under provincial and federal law. They participate in provincial, regional, and district competitions and promote soccer. Clubs are also tasked with developing volunteers, match officials, and coachers and partner with community groups, municipalities, and schools to this end. There are different competitions for youth and senior clubs such as the Quebec/Ontario cup, national competitions, the Masters-Classics Provincial Championship, the Ontario Cup, and others. Different teams participate at the Ontario Futsal and Ontario Indoor Cup while the Ontario Club Championship welcomes Masters age, Senior, and Under 18, 16, and 14 divisions. Many teams won silver, gold, and bronze medals at the 2015 Ontario Club Championship, including the Bradford Eagles, Woodbridge Strikers, Kitchener Spirit, Epic FC Toronto, and others. The Coupe Quebec-Ontario Cup is also a competition offered by the la Federation de Soccer du Quebec and the Ontario Soccer Association which welcomes Seniors, Under 17/18, Under 16, Under 15, and Under 14.

Programs for Youth and Kids

West Hamilton Youth SC, for example, offers adult and competitive soccer and programs for kids. There are different programs for kids which are offered all year round. Kids can join programs such as the Soccer Power Academy, Girl Power Academy, and House League Summer Soccer. The Soccer Power Academy, for example, places a special emphasis on key soccer skills, enjoyment, respect, and a quality learning environment to master technical skills. Kids develop important skills and make friends at the same time. There is also a 5-day Summer Soccer Camp during the summer break. The Girl Power Academy also offers soccer lessons to young girls and places a special emphasis on lifetime activity. Girls benefit from a host of activities and events such as activities to learn and play soccer, fun based activities, small-sided games, and a lot more. The goal is to inspire and support girls and help them to master technical and leadership skills.